42 Dugg lists his top five favorite hip-hop albums


Artists like Jeezy, Boosie BadAzz and Yo Gotti were important voices for 42 Dugg When he was younger. Their stories of swimming in the streets resonated most with people who went through the same experiences, like Dugg. When the Motor City rapper was asked about his all-time favorite hip-hop albums and mixtapes, he infused his list of classics with the trap of those same names that have endless respect in the gutter.

From n ° 5, the 2021 XXL Elected first year positions Webbie’s second album, wild life 2, in the fifth location. Most people remember this project because of its single “Independent”, which taught many young people how to spell the word correctly. Dugg adds reason to his choice by saying, “Back and forth he was talking shit over there.”

Rap leaders know how amazing it is when a certain project comes out and details specific events or moments like the artist is talking about the listener’s life. In this spirit, Incarcerated by Boosie is listed as Immediate Follow-Up. “I was going to jail when he came out with that so I felt it, you know what I’m saying, on a different level,” Dugg shares.

Between the top and bottom half of his ranking, Dugg estimates Trap or Die 2 by Jeezy as one of his old hymns. And then another mixtape that precedes his all-time favorite rap project is Yo Gotti’s band. Cocaine Muzik 5 (White Friday). It’s “the toughest shit in the world,” if you let 42 say it.

Choice # 1 of 42 is arguably the best trap album of all time. “[Let’s Get It:] Thug Motivation 101, Jeezy, ”he argues. “Best album ever.” Direct like that.

You can watch 42 Dugg reveal their top five favorite hip-hop albums and mixtapes below.

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