42 Dugg’s 2021 XXL Freshman Freestyle


The streets of Detroit are burning fiercely right now with the amount of talent roaming them. And one of the hottest acts in Motor City is called 42 Dugg.

This has been a three-year rise for Dugg, now a 2021 XXL First-year student. Going back in time, a war on the boredom that came from the hole in prison at the age of 20 prompted the 26-year-old rapper, born Dion Hayes, to ram his pen into a notebook. This pile of paper soon had pages full of verses that also served as ammunition. By the time he emptied the music video as it came out from behind bars, the firepower songs “Never”, “Marcelo Burlon” and “Fuck The City Up” assisted by Babyface Ray, all on his two-part mixtape from 2018. 11241 Wayburn, solidified it as an early but favorable local name.

After only a few years, the 42-year-old, who represents the east of his city, had signed two recording contracts in 2019: one with Lil Baby’s imprint 4PF and the other with Yo Gotti’s booming CMG empire, now in collaboration with Interscope Records. With such fortified support behind him from these other stamps in the industry, more success was the goal and achieved with his 2019 mixtape, Young and Turnt, run by “Dog Food”. A year later, he delivered the sequel in freestyle Young & Turnt 2, which features the tracks “Not A Rapper” with its label heads, “Been Turnt” and “Hard Times”, to name a few.

At the same time proving that he could hold out, his features took him to another level. Alongside Lil Baby, he released some notable verses on “Grace,” which peaked at No. 48 on the Billboard Hot 100, and “We payed,” which peaked at # 10 on the chart. 42 DuggThe quotable lyrics of “’Before I Break Like Joc / Fuck With That Dog Like Vick (Roof)” established it more as a walking subtitle machine. In fact, Dugg states that this effect is the main backbone of his sound. “I don’t even know if I’m hip-hop,” he says. “I just call him talk shit.”

Over the past few years, he’s thrived on his melodic storytelling that details the still-relevant days he was deep in the streets, similar to his influences from Gotti, Jeezy, and Peezy. The cracked, pasty tone used to deliver them are the secret ingredients of his special sauce and is highlighted on his latest project, Free Dem Boyz, including 19 songs, fan favorites “Maybach” with Future and the Roddy Ricch featured “4 Da Gang”– an inverted sample of the rock classic “No One Like You” by Scorpions. The effort earned Dugg his first draft in the Billboard 200 top 10, peaking at No. 8. So it’s safe to say that the climb has been steady.

“I don’t look like anyone. I don’t rap like nobody else. I don’t take someone else’s lifestyle to make it mine. I’m doing myself, ”he explains, explaining why his movement has soared upward.

The same boastful nature of his music and the emphasis on evocative lyrics define how he secured a place in the 2021 XXL First year class. They are also donned within 35 seconds of its 2021 XXL First year freestyle. After embarking on freestyle with his signature whistle, used to help him find the rhythm when he first started rapping, 42 Dugg explains that he jumped into the concrete jungle long before he decided to become a rapper. .

“No, for real, before the deal, young and he jumped / Nah for real, before the deal, young and had money,” he laments. After diving a little deeper into that good ol ‘sack and some wide-ranging speeches, Dugg once again salutes his home team before the scene is cut. “CMG, Moneybagg, Youngsta, me and Gee / Fuck with us, if it’s with us, bitch, it’s stuck with us,” he says. Enough said.

Watch 42 Dugg’s 2021 XXL Freshman freestyle, powered by BodyArmor, below.

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