6ix9ine Clowns Blueface for the next boxing match


6ix9ine is shooting blue face on the Californian rapper’s upcoming amateur boxing match while delivering low blows to Lil durk.

Blueface is expected to be added to the roster of recent celebrity boxing entrants when he takes on TikToker Kane Trujillo in a bout scheduled for July 23. On Saturday June 26th, Tekashi was live on Twitch and decided to go to the “Thotiana” rhymer. . “Yo, the only time people talk about Blueface is when he’s not making music,” the Brooklyn Federal rapper-informant told the person he was talking to on the phone. ” I do not know what you’re talking about. Who the fuck is Blueface?

6ix9ine went on to say that Blueface was only getting a small purse for their fight, compared to some of the biggest payouts other celebrities have garnered. “For now, okay. I swear it to my mom, listen. Yo, Twitch, right now I have $ 20,000 in my pocket that I walk around with. He gets paid $ 25,000 to fight. . I’m walking around with the money he’s paid for, “Tekashi added.

6ix9ine also added the name of his current nemesis, Lil Durk, to the mix, claiming he would get his paws on the Chicago rapper. “Yo, put Lil Durk in the ring now, eat him alive. I’m gonna rape him, at King Von’s grave, nigga,” he added, also mentioning that Durk was silent about Lil Reese recently got shot.

Tekashi added another photo of Durk in the comments section. “I love the way your favorite rapper raps gangsta but when all his friends die around him he doesn’t do anything. Chat with your dirty family,” he wrote.

The 6ix9ine and Blueface issues date back to last March when Blue called out Tekashi for his trolling ways while Tekashi was still in prison. In September, they traded blows over the internet after Blue called Tekashi’s new single “TuTu” and advised his fans to listen to Lil Durk’s music instead.. 6ix9ine then highlighted Blueface’s paltry album sales.

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