Almighty Jay and Skinnyfromthe9 fight one-on-one


Almighty Jay and Skinny9 have been at odds for years, from an alleged theft and social media rifts to now clashing in an empty parking lot in front of onlookers.

Earlier this morning (July 21), around 1 a.m., Almighty Jay shared a nearly one-minute video of his one-on-one fight against the New Jersey rapper.

He captioned the clip, “Niggas are on the internet with all that hard ass shit until they see me in person… @ skinnyfromthe9 dropped it twice 😤 NO JUMP, NOTHING OF THAT . ” You can watch it at the bottom of this article.

While it’s unclear exactly what led to the shirtless standoff, a number of incidents could have resulted in the two rappers fighting.

Nonetheless, in the video, the two rhymers can be seen punching each other with Skinny falling to the ground twice.

Earlier this month, Skinny challenged Almighty Jay via social media to a fight. In a short video shared online, Skinny9 is seen at a gas station in Wawa, holding “documents”, which appear to be from a TMZ article regarding Jay’s 2019 assault in New York City, where he was beaten and stripped of his jewelry. Skinny had the line, “Jay has told the cops he’s ready to cooperate with the investigation now,” the print said.

Skinny also showed a text message from an unidentified person telling him about making music and paying $ 10,000 for a verse.

Before that, Almighty Jay and his team have been accused of allegedly stealing Skinnyfromthe9 valuables valued at $ 80,000, including a chain valued at $ 40,000, a Rolex watch valued at $ 20,000 and cash. Video footage of the February 14, 2019 incident emerged after the robbery, which showed two of Jay’s alleged associates running to a car Skinny was in, then running back after a scuffle. The Houston rapper admitted he was the man in surveillance footage standing next to the car his affiliates rushed towards.

Almighty Jay would have been at Skinny at this time to record music. The former YBN member maintained his innocence and after surrendering to the police. The charges against Jay were dropped by the LA County District Attorney’s Office due to the unavailability of the victim, Skinnyfromthe9.

Weeks later Skinny was assaulted at a New York restaurant and later called Jay’s YBN team via Instagram.

Last month, Almighty Jay claimed Skinny wrote a police statement about him in connection with the 2019 robbery. Then Skinny wrote a social media post, saying he wanted to box Almighty Jay for 20,000. $.

Since Almighty Jay and Skinnyfromthe9 have finally come together to make a fair one, maybe the feud can end.

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