Best Hip-Hop Albums Created By A Producer


Without producers, rappers’ rhymes would be just words on a page, in an iPhone note app, or even a freestyle that sticks in the minds of artists. And while going a cappella or delivering rhythmless lyrics hold a certain level of importance in hip-hop as it showcases lyrical ability, it’s the person behind the rhymes who completes the package by adding their gravy. sonic signature to the mix.

There are rappers who collaborated with a solo producer to maximize their chemistry for an effort, like 21 Wild and Boomin Metro. But there are also the rhymes which are multi-layered and can work the boards themselves, like Kanye west, for example.

Last year, 21 and Metro delivered the follow-up to their collaborative debut album titled Wild Mode 2. Before the effort arrived, anticipating fans endured a bit of a game of waiting. Many people longed for a magnetic second from the two Atlanta-based artists. But once the album arrived, it’s safe to say that they received more than what they were probably negotiating for.

Kanye, on the other hand, had been a craft drummer long before he decided to step into the booth and abandon his debut, University dropout. However, once he decided to take the mic and share his story, he did so with relentless creativity through song interpolations (“Through the Wire”) and a selection of top notch beats. .

21 Savage and Yeezy aren’t the only rhymers to come up with a bespoke project done by just one solo producer, although. XXL broke down 20 rapper albums with a producer and analyzed how those pairings – or a solo producer entering the rap space – can work so well. Take a look below.

See the best producer-created hip-hop albums

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