Blueface responds to video of women getting tattoos in bunk beds


Blueface hit back at some of the criticism he received via social media after videos started circulating online of the rapper entering various rooms in his house, which has bunk beds and women sleeping in the beds, and ask the ladies of the house to get tattoos.

The rhymer “Thotiana” first tweeted on Monday April 26, “Wtf is a sect?” A few hours later, he followed up and apparently offered an explanation to those wondering the nature of his reality show, which is titled Blue Girls Club and is available to be viewed on its Only fans Account.

Blueface typed, “For those who are curious my show is a 3 week series where I bring in women from all over the US I fly them and put them under one roof I own 2 houses I don’t stay there I take care of everything there financial needs while they’re here, I promote brands, etc. we film all day listening. “

He then added, “We don’t condone any sexual conduct between men and women, so women tend to be interested in each other because of it, but they’re adults at the end of the day, I can’t. check that if they do with each other is outside the show subscribe rn to see more. “

Blueface even compared the sleeping arrangements of the bunk beds to The next American top model. He wrote: “The next top model from the Americas was on bunk beds but you guys are all mad at me.”

Blue’s response comes from people comparing the now-viral videos to R. Kelly, who is currently behind bars and has been accused of keeping several women in a Georgia home where he allegedly assaulted them physically, sexually and emotionally. Other social media users have called the show a cult Blueface.

In clips of Blueface and the women who are alleged to be part of the cast of his home reality show, the California native not only asks if they’re ready to get unspecified tattoos, but he also gives the option to get tattooed or go home.

One woman said she was getting a tattoo on the front of her neck while another decided to have the artwork done on her hand. The clip also shows the woman doing ink on her neck.

Blueface Blue Girls Club has a similar premise to the Oxygen Network TV show Bad Girls Club, which housed self-proclaimed “bad girls” under one roof in a large Los Angeles home.

See more reactions below at Blueface asking the women in his household, some of whom sleep in bunk beds, to get tattoos.

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