Blueface Trends for Rapping on Beat on a new song


Blueface was a topic of conversation on social media last night (May 24) for doing something he’s often been criticized for: rapping to the beat.

In a clip that started circulating on Twitter, Blueface shows a different flow on a track called “Outside,” which features OG Bobby Billions.

“I’m not praying for these wands, I’m praying for better days (better days) / I’m not praying for this new ‘Vette, I’d rather my dogs come back / Lord protect me with this Tec I’m not praying for this Patek / Remember the day I got the text / ‘Another kid without a father’ / I can’t act right because they left him without a father / No hood harder than fatherhood / Who will teach your son to go further than his father, all these children are raising all these children, ”he recalls on the now viral clip that made its way from TikTok to Twitter.

People on social media were definitely surprised and also in awe of the Californian rapper’s feed.

One person tweeted: “Alright Blueface one beat sounds like something. “

Another individual claims that people online are overstating the credit they gave Blueface for the case. “You all niggas been in the pandemic for a minute now thinking that 10 second blue face deserves a Grammy Face with tears of joy Face with tears of joy Face with tears of joy,” the person typed.

Despite the opinions of others, in 2019, Blueface proclaimed he was the best lyricist in the rap game. He admitted, however, that his flow was not top notch, but bragged that his pun was second to none.

The old one 2019 XXL First-year student Said via Instagram Live at the time, “Hey cuz, it’s about my momma and my sister, I’m the best lyricist in the game muthafuckin ‘, bro. I might not have the best feed, the best its … but when it comes to pun, cuz, come on bro. “

Lending credibility to his alleged claims, Blue struck in the video: “I’m at the Ritz Carlton blowing zippers / It’s a non-smoking room / But can’t say shit to me / Because bitch , I’m the shit. “

His new track may have turned some skeptics into believers.

See more reactions to rapper Thotiana’s evolved flow on his new track below.

Scroll down to see the song “Outside” by Blueface.

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