Blxst names their top five favorite rappers


Blxst prides itself on being a triple threat. The 25-year-old West Coast native raps, sings and produces. This three-headed creative energy is best showcased on his 2020 EP, No love lost, and its luxury version. While artists who came before him have mastered these similar crafts, Blxst does it in their own way. It makes the kind of upbeat music that makes you feel like you’re bathed in the sun – perfect for the ride, getting into the area inside the house or outside on those streets this summer. Listen to “Chosen” with Ty Dolla $ ign and Tyga, and “Overrated” to familiarize yourself. Wearing the artist and producer hats at the same time may mean that an area is missing, but this is not the case for this one. 2021 XXL First-year student. He has learned from some of the best, whom he pays homage to on his list of the top five favorite rappers.

For its top five picks, Blxst names three artists who excel in the art of rap and production. However, all five are highly respected lyricists with a lot of classic material to their names. “Kendrick [Lamar], J. Cole, Duck, Andre 3000 and i say Kanye west“Blxst shares, listing his favorite rappers.

His first choice is not just a fellow West Coast representative, but someone with whom Blxst has a history of work. In 2014, he produced Hitta J3’s track “Do Yo Gudda” and its remix, on which K-Dot was featured. “So Kendrick, yeah, it’s King Kendrick, you know?” Blxst expresses. “He set the tone for, like, West Coast bars and I feel like he set it high.” High enough for three of his projects to reach No. 1 on Billboard’s 200-album chart.

Another esteemed MC who is in Blxst’s top five is J. Cole of North Carolina. “J Cole is another who set the bar high,” he shares. “I like him just because he’s from the Jay-Z family. He was like an underdog who really outshone a lot of people.” Since 2011, when Cole released his first album, Cole World: The Side Story, that’s exactly what it does.

In Toronto, the boy had an impact on Blxst’s career. From vocals to rap, Drizzy has created countless hits showcasing his dual talent. “Drake, I would say him just because he’s just musically inclined to another level,” says Blxst. “Drake is like a leading creative player.” Drake is coming Boy in love certified album will undoubtedly support Blxst’s sentiments.

An acclaimed ATLien, who has been in the game for nearly three decades, inspires to stay true to his heart. “André 3000, he is himself, like no matter what,” says Blxst. “He can get weird. He can hang out with thugs, hang out with crackpots and still be accepted the way he is.” His catalog as part of OutKast and his solo work respond to both.

And to complete his top five, one of the most prolific and polarizing hip-hop artists. “So I would say Kanye too because you can’t lock him up,” Blxst transmits. “There’s no limit to, you know, how creative he can be.” From music to fashion, there’s always an unprecedented surprise on the horizon when ‘Ye’s ready to drop.

Watch Blxst offer their take on the careers of their top five favorite rappers below.

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