Blxst strives to have Michael Jordan’s work ethic in their ABCs


Among the new generation of emerging artists on the West Coast is 2021 XXL First-year student Blxst, a hip-hop superhero who saves the day with his revered rap style. His EP 2020, No love lost, and its accompanying Deluxe Edition have earned the South Central, Los Angeles native a lot of respect as a newcomer to the game. The 25-year-old artist, who raps, sings and produces, already proudly proclaimed he was ready to carry the torch of LA to defend the city’s heritage like Nipsey Hussle did. Now, Blxst, with a proverbial cape on his back, soars through the game, removing any obstacle in his way. He brings the same atmosphere to his version of XXL‘s ABC.

When Blxst was younger, he came up with what would ultimately be his rap nickname “on some stupid shit”. The letter B prompts him to tell the story. “As I got older, when I had my son, I considered him to be his superhero,” he says of his 3-year-old. “So, now I’m Blxst the superhero.”

For D, it is clear that the Triple Threat puts what he preaches into practice. “D, yeah, I say don’t talk too much because actions always speak louder than words,” Blxst shares. Over the past year, the West Coast artist has done few interviews and let the music speak for itself. Songs like the guitar groove “Chosen” with Ty Dolla $ ign and Tyga, which has 39 million Spotify streams and over 7 million YouTube views, and “This Luv” sampled by Donell Jones “Overrated”, with 18 milli Spotify streams and nearly 4 million YouTube views are proof of that.

Elsewhere in his ABCs, Blxst looks to one of the NBA’s most admired basketball players to set the bar for excellence in the game: Michael Jordan. “For J, I’ll say Jordan,” says Blxst. “You know he’s a great NBA and I strive to have the work ethic he had.”

L is an obvious choice, LA receiving all the love. M stands for money and more importantly to make sure the bag is secure at all times because “you can’t be here looking sad”. And vegan comes to mind when Blxst gets it down to the letter V. Just like he promotes his music, he also does so with healthy eating.

Watch Blxst pay homage to DMX, support the underdog and continue to fight at the forefront in its ABC below.

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