Boosie BadAzz makes children walk on real estate property as punishment


Boosie BadAzz shares her parenting discipline skills with the world.

On Thursday (June 17), the Baton Rouge, La. Rimeur shared a video via social media of himself punishing his children for throwing water on friends and relatives who visited his Louisiana estate at one point.

“I want everyone to know, all my family, my cousins, you can all come stay with me bruh,” Boosie began in the one minute clip. “There will be no more water thrown at you by my children. I know they were out of control, but I blues them today. See them? They are walking along the fence. see? “

He continues, “They are walking along the fence. Five hours straight in the scorching sun. Yes, sir. They clean the house all day. They are going to learn this lesson. There will be no more water being thrown away. in my domain. They soak everyone every night. I want Big Freaky, everyone, you can all come back. It’s going to go down. Yeah, they’re going to be here … They still have four hours to go through the doors . Yes, sir. We will behave. “

Boosie BadAzz continued, captioning the post: “Discipline‼ THEY CUT BAD THIS SUMMER.”

Some Talk about goat rhymer IG followers supported the parental moment Boosie shared online.

One person wrote: “A real parent, but they went to do it again”.

Ilsybelikemiaaa via Instagram

Another person called Boosie’s method of discipline “true parenting”.

A third person typed in, “I remember those types of punishments, it’s called ‘Building Characters’, they’re not going to forget that day.”

cutman_daking via Instagram

Another person referred to Migos’ new single, “Straightenin” – which basically means dealing with a problem – writing, “It’s nothing but a little bit of a turnaround.”

However, others felt that the consequences that Boosie inflicted on his children were a bit extreme. One person on Twitter said: “Hell nah bhro 5 hours I ride, give them at least 2.5 hours.”

Another person wrote, “Get these babies out of this heat.

ms_bossibadd via Instagram

Boosie’s mother seems to agree with these latest comments. The rapper shared via Twitter shortly after posting the clip of him punishing his children which Mama Boosie called her son for being too harsh on his grandchildren.

“Mom then tackled the ass by disciplining MY KIDS SMH #Icantwin,” he said.

Discover the full video of Boosie BadAzz punish his children below.

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