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Bizzy Banks found inspiration for his rap career at home. The Trinidadian-American rapper watched his older brother freestyle around the house, which lit the fire inside for Bizzy to master his own hip-hop skills.

The Brooklyn native, 22, got into rap in 2019. Bizzy decided to release music more often, instead of sporadically releasing SoundCloud freestyles like he once did. Consistency was the key. In July of that year, Bizzy released the ominous piano-driven track “Don’t Start,” a banger with that familiar Brooklyn Drill sound. Only here, the rhymer is more focused on his lyrics and flow than some of his peers. Two years after its release, the video has 7 million views on YouTube and the song has over 4 million Spotify streams.

“Why these niggas talkin ‘like they don’t understand? / Feeling invincible / Until I send them monsters to make you invisible / Dash, I send these niggas to finish you off / Mortal kombat how I m ‘stop and finish you / Come to the OR, that’s what I call a commercial move, “he rapped on the track without a hook.

Bizzy can jump from stream to stream, and his references are astute. These remarkable traits in his music helped his name ring all over New York City before the end of 2019. He continued that momentum until March 2020, when he signed to Atlantic Records. Six months later, in September, he released his first mixtape, GMTO, Vol. 1. Bizzy fans have pushed other songs like “Don’t Start Pt. 2” and “Bandemic” to over 4 million and 2 million Spotify streams, respectively. His most recent single, “Adore You” with PnB Rock and produced by DA Got That Dope, was released last month. The slow groove places the rhymer in a privileged position to continue to evolve.

With his next 12-track project, Same energy, arriving in July, Bizzy Banks talks to XXL by phone for this week’s edition of The break.

Age: 22

Hometown: Brooklyn

I grew up listening to: “A lot of Lil wayne. I also grew up listening to a lot of reggae. People like Sizzla, Capleton, Damian Marley, Bob Marley. But when it came to rap, especially Lil Wayne. I really admired my older brother, and he’s my older brother’s favorite rapper. I wasn’t really introduced to rap before Lil Wayne, because my family is Caribbean. So when he started listening to Lil Wayne, I just liked who he loved. “

My style has been compared to: “I know most people say I remind them of Fabolous, because it’s more of a New York sound.”

I’m going to explode because: “I’m okay with whatever comes. I’m getting used to everything. I just feel like because the music changed my situation, even my thoughts on stuff, getting me away from the streets, I feel like that alone is helping me I know I’m doing the right things and going the right way When it comes to the music itself this is something I should really think about it.

What’s your sleepiest song and why? : “‘Very robust.’ I see the interactions with my fans on TikTok or even when I’m doing shows. I see how so invested people are in this song because of a particular part. I feel like the views themselves The views on YouTube are like a million views, but the views on streaming services are crazier. I’m a person who watches YouTube a lot. “

My most significant records to date have been: “‘Don’t Start’ is my most watched song on YouTube. It’s the song that got me noticed more than Brooklyn. I come up with a different sound that people really didn’t hear when [Brooklyn] the drill would turn on. People felt like Brooklyn Drill was disappearing until Pop Smoke came back with a different sound, so I felt like he had the party vibe. Then people hear me rappin’-rappin ‘, it just changed the perspective of everything. “

My highlights so far have been: “The shows. Some shows that I was doing, I just started directing, I just learned what my fans really feel about me and how they react to me. I wasn’t seeing it because of the pandemic, so, I haven’t been able to really interact with my fans personally. So doing shows and hearing them sing my songs word for word is a big time for me. “

Most people don’t know: “I grew up vegetarian. I am now trying new things; i eat steak now, but i wouldn’t eat chicken which is very strange because most people think i would eat chicken first before steak. I eat crab legs, but I do not eat shrimp or regular fish. I’m just picky. “

I’ll be next: “I don’t have an answer for that one. It was great !

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“Do not start”

“Hot city”

“Adore You” with PnB Rock

GMTO, Vol. 1 (Get money)

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