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A good thing takes time, and the Detroit rapper, 30 Babyface ray knows it too well. He’s been making music for over a decade, coming to high school with local rap team TeamEastSide, best known for rapper Peezy, who was recently released from prison. Ray, who is from the East Side of Detroit, didn’t realize that music could really win the day until he was 23, after getting paid to rap. The career path turns out to be fruitful, becoming his creative outlet and his livelihood. Now, having played more than 10 years in the game, he is finally recognized outside his city.

Babyface Ray’s style is laid back but full of outspoken wisdom; you never feel like he’s trying too hard, and he serves the truth about street life and making money in his lyrics. Since 2014, he has abandoned 12 projects, either solo or in collaboration. The last two or three years have seen Ray’s stock increase. Obtain a cosign from To come up, who tweeted, “BABY FACE RAY 😤 #Detroit,” on February 13 of this year, to his songs like “Paperwork Party” in 2020 – his highest streaming song on Spotify with over a million streams – and to older tracks like “Ashanti” and “My Thoughts Part II ”in 2018 – the latest of which has over 13 million views on YouTube – continuing to gain traction, Ray is on an upward trajectory. “Cuz told me to stop rapping, but the rapping job / He was trying to get me on the game, how the vacuum works (I get it) / I don’t wanna party (Uh-uh) / Ce paper forever in my mind, I’m retarded (forever), ”he raps on the“ Paperwork Party ”produced by Trapboy3k.

With the recent release of his EP Essential, via Empire, last month, Babyface Ray took his first steps towards the general public. Tap with the leader of the Wavy Gang as he cuts him with XXL for this week’s edition of The break.

Age: 30

Hometown: Detroit

I grew up listening to: “A bit of everyone; I really can’t locate it. It depends on what time of my life I was going through, the different modes and the shit. I would play different people. I remember listening to it. Jay Z, Nas and shit and I got caught. Found fucking Andre 3000, Love below CD too. So it depends on how I was feeling at the time. “

My style has been compared to: “I think they compare me to a bit of everyone. I changed my style.”

I will explode because: “I really do not know. I’m just trying to stay positive, trying to keep working on things. I feel you stay positive, you stay to work. It’s like, I can move, you know what I’m saying? Protect your brand, shit like that. If you are doing these things then you should be honest, honestly. “

What’s your sleepiest song and why ?: “I have so many. I have 2 million songs that I felt like they were sleeping on. But people are just windy, so I’m not really mad at that. I thought people weren’t fucking with me, but it felt like people just didn’t know. “

My records to date have been: “So far,“ Paperwork Party ”,“ Number One Fan ”. And I just released something with Moneybagg Yo [‘If You Know You Know’], it’s major … Because it’s like, coming out of the year he’s had, he does what he does, so that I’m even just starring on a track with him that’s major. I don’t care what nobody says like that to me. I did this shit when I had COVID, like they really diagnosed me with COVID and I did this shit. So I couldn’t leave the house. “

My highlights so far have been: “I have a few cats that make music, in the same spirit as me, which is starting to be noticed and appreciated. So when they have their shine and their shit, I always permeated those moments, because I remember starting the stages with them and making them move and doing shit … So these are the best times to me to see them do big shit and to know that I helped them towards the shit they did. “

Most people don’t know: “I’m really cheap. From my music, they probably think I’m an addict. I go wild, but I relax for real.

I’ll be next: “Biggest thing in my town.”

Follow Babyface Ray on SoundCloud and Instagram.

Stand out:

“Paperwork festival”

“If you know you know” with Moneybagg Yo

“Like Daisy Lane”


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