Coi Leray is too blessed to stress in her ABCs


If there is one thing Coi Leray going to do it is to celebrate his victories. the 2021 XXL First-year student, who represents both North Jersey and Boston, has mastered his kinetic and melodic rhymes over the past four years, which have been exposed to the masses due to his dazzling personality. His consistency paid off with a contract with Republic Records and a record year. Peruse her Instagram, where you’ll see her signature twerk and flex the shots, scroll down her Twitter to see her unfiltered thoughts, and watch her music videos to take her into action. She became the life of the party in 2021, while her hit hit “No More Parties” claims just the opposite. Coi brings all that good energy to life in his version of XXL‘s ABC.

The 24-year-old artist goes with a fruit she likes to associate with caramel to launch the letter A: an apple. For B, Coi recognizes that the opposite sex is wild here. “These boys are crazy,” she said. Rightly, C is for Coi. Yes, that’s his real name. “Coi is for Coi, the one and only”, she expresses. “Coi is my first name. Leray is my middle name. And in fact, Koi is spelled KOI like fish, like koi fish, but I’m COI, period.”

Bouncing, laughing, and twerking also occur in Coi’s ABCs. “Hater,” she says with a smile and a chuckle when it comes to H. “I have a lot. Watch her tackle part of this gallery of hateful peanuts Average comments, who also looks at her choice for N. “I don’t like negative energies,” Coi says. Positivity only. And “ratchet” is his choice for the letter R, which initiates a twerking session.

AT Coi LerayThe current peak of fame, S stands for stress. “I don’t have time to be stressed at all …”, she maintains. It is too blessed to be stressed. With “No More Parties,” both the original and the remix starring Lil Durk, to over 45 million streams on Spotify and the 52 million view video on YouTube, the success is evident. And it is not a wonder. “Big Purr (Prrdd)” with Pooh Shiesty is proof of that. His upcoming debut album, IOC, will feature more of the rap, vocals and hits she has become known for so far.

As she nears the end of her ABC’s, Coi winks at XXL for the letter X. “You have chosen the right choice, very clever”, she remarks about her 2021 XXL First year status.

Watch Coi Leray laugh a little, reveal one of his favorite dishes, share his memories of Washington Heights and more in XXL‘s ABC below.

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