Comatose Red Ivy DIE JASON DIE



Spend my free time promoting music to the living, envious they have hearts and souls still and enjoy things such as sunshine on their faces and a cool autumn breeze. See me, I’m dead-living,  which means very close to a Zombie but more of a Hybrid Zombie with a twist of Vampire so I appear alive, look mostly dead and my heart does not pump my soul yeah it died from being murdered and most my organs don’t work reason I only eat GoGurt, Hershey’s with Almonds Bars, and eggs. I guess I like Percocet too maybe some meth but we don’t get into all that not today. 

Being Dead-Living Psychopathic Killer Clown turned Joker of course I love horror movies and that’s where this song got inspiration from.

Believe it’s the first Friday 13th movie where Tommy is repeatedly stabbing Jadon VOORHEES and telling, DIE JASON DIE, DIE JASON DIE. I  immediately wanted to be that kid very first time I seen that. So cool, and so we have this song by Jason die 25 years after the fact. I just went crazy with it because I really felt like that kid, I felt like I was fighting for my life while singing that song I don’t know why, I was pretty mad think the homicidal rage really reflects.   

I have a pretty cool Michael Mayer song also that has already been uploaded I pretty much play Michael Myers it’s really cool it’s homicidal as well and then of course I got plenty of serial killer voice acting tracks. Something about killing a bitch just really gets me going. 

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