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It is undeniable that DaBaby has had a firm footing on the music industry accelerator for the past two years, especially in 2020, when he dropped his Blame it on baby album, won a Billboard Hot 100 # 1 song for seven weeks with “Rockstar” and follow up with My brother’s keeper, a surprise EP in honor of his late brother. And while the rapper has yet to come up with a full project in 2021, he pretty much solidified himself as a cheat code to get off his bars at his pace and, of course, his beating pick. This probably explains why emerging producers are trying to replicate the sounds that the praised artist has rhymed on in hopes of reflecting his success, also referred to as DaBaby type beats.

In January 2021, the North Carolina-bred rhymer released his DA-produced single “Masterpiece” Got That Dope. And if there’s one thing Baby is known for, it’s that he floats to some really serious beats. This time around, however, DA has paired vigorous drums with energetic, whimsical synths that all start off with sounds reminiscent of a video game level.

Last year, Baby dropped what can easily be considered one of the greatest songs of his career: “Rock star” starring Roddy Ricch, who peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart last summer. SethInTheKitchen is responsible for the perfect fusion of tranquilizing guitar strums and calm piano keys to balance the former. 2019 XXL First-year studentthe ever-present deaf drums that appear on the basis of the mid-tempo track.

Over the years, the multi-selling rapper Billboard-Charting has marked his sonic versatility in the rap game, although bass and some forms of synths are generally common denominators. Bass everywhere DaBabyThe discography of and its intensity also vary, as on his track from 2019 “BOP“Jetsonmade, often responsible for laying the musical foundation for a number of Baby hits, and Starboy created a juxtaposition of alluring flutes and menacing bass with a touch of 808 tapping for the banger. A similar tempo is on Jetsonmade from DaBaby and Pooh Beatz- produced rapper’s “Suge” Baby on baby album with pulsating drums and hoarse synths – simplistic, but a successful combination.

A more complex backdrop can be heard on the high energy track 2019 “VibeAlso directed by Jetson, performed alongside Neeko and Jasper Harris, and composed of shaking drums, ascending and descending xylophone-type sounds.

Even going as far back as Baby’s 2018 mixtape, Blank Blank, which gained popularity thanks to “Walker Texas Ranger”, produced by Producer 20, and “21”, produced by Jetsonmade, there are separate drums and synths ticking over the beats. And while Baby’s current production contains fragments of his older work, these days the sounds are crisper and more polished.

All along DaBabyHis seniority in rap, his sound matured and his production evolved. But one thing is certain, it is a foolproof formula. Check out some beats below from producers who have tried their hand at artist level to hopefully create their own hit with DaBaby-style beats.

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