DaBaby’s Wisdom Artist Arrested for Attempted Murder


Rising artist Wisdom, signed at DaBaby‘s Billion dollar baby entertainment label, was arrested for attempted murder in connection with a recent shooting in the South Beach area of ​​Miami.

According to police records obtained by XXL On Wednesday morning (June 2), rapper, born Wisdom Awute, 21, and another man named Christopher Urena, 29, were arrested by Miami Beach police on Tuesday June 1 following the shooting that took place ‘is produced near the Prime 112 tourist district. restaurant on 1st Street and Ocean Drive. Of the two injured, one was shot in the leg. The other was shot in the upper right rear torso, remains hospitalized and is paralyzed.

A representative from the Miami Beach Police Department said XXL in a statement today: “In less than 24 hours, Miami Beach detectives were able to ensure those responsible for the shooting were arrested and charged. We will now be working closely with the attorney’s office. ‘State to ensure successful prosecution. “

Wisdom was charged with attempted first degree murder with a fatal weapon and aggravated assault with a firearm for shooting victim Emerson Delgado. He is currently in detention without bail. Urena has been charged with four offenses, including attempted first degree murder with a lethal weapon and aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony, third degree theft and possession of a firearm by a criminal convicted of shooting the victim Williams, first name withheld.

The shooting stems from an alleged dispute between two parties which escalated.

According to police reports, after the argument, Urena got into a Chrysler 300, which blocked the valet. The car did not belong to him. After Urena attempted to move the vehicle, he claims he was approached by men holding guns. Urena claims he was shot as he walked away. After fleeing the scene, Urena was arrested by the police, who asked for his ID. The man said his ID was in his black satchel and when police went to retrieve it, a gun magazine was also found in Urena’s bag. He couldn’t remember where the corresponding weapon was for the magazine.

The report further states that two men, Carlos Aviles and Emerson Delgado, were attempting to get into their car, which was parked in front of Prime 112, at around 11:20 pm Wednesday evening (May 31) when they had an altercation with a “musical entourage. popular”. The argument escalated to the point where Delgado was allegedly punched in the face by a member of the other party. Delgado started to run away, and Aviles identified Wisdom as the person who started running after Delgado. Wisdom reportedly pulled out a gun and pointed it at Aviles, who said he feared for his life. Then Wisdom reportedly redirected her lens to Delgado, shooting him in the calf. Awiles identified Wisdom as the shooter. Wisdom was taken into custody after being located at the JV Marriott Marquis Miami hotel, where he was staying at the time. Wisdom reportedly refused to give statements to the police and invoked her rights.

After the shooting, police arrested several men in a Cadillac Escalade at a traffic stop on MacArthur Causeway. All of the individuals were taken for questioning and one of the men, Michael Awute, said he saw Urena shoot one of the victims in the back.

Urena was seen on Prime 112’s surveillance camera walking behind victim Williams before gunfire erupted, and Urena eventually shot him in the back. We also see Urena getting into the Chrysler 300 which does not belong to him. One of the men in the Cadillac Escalade apparently tried to stop Urena from escaping in the stolen car, which he accelerated south towards. Friends of the man fearing for his safety as the car was being used as a weapon, shots were fired at the Chrysler 300.

Among those arrested, was DaBaby, born Jonathan Kirk, who was questioned by police and later released. He does not appear to be the subject of any charges. Baby’s attorney, Drew Findling, said TMZ yesterday, “Mr. Kirk was released by the police. No criminal charges have been laid against him.”

XXL contacted a representative of Wisdom for comment.

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