Dae Dae identified as man accused of stabbing Dunkin employee


Atlanta rapper Dae Dae is reportedly wanted in connection with a knife incident in Union City, Georgia, about 20 minutes from his hometown.

According to a report by the Atlanta Newspaper Incorporation On Wednesday June 2, Dae Dae, née Marquavis Goolsby, is wanted by police for allegedly stabbing a Dunkin ’employee – formerly known as Dunkin’ Donuts – on December 5, 2020. This particular breakfast franchise is located on Jonesboro Road in southern Fulton County.

Speak AJC, the incident report says the teenager who sustained the injury told police that a man arrived at the facility’s drive-thru before 6 p.m., driving a red Audi. He apparently got angry after being unable to get what he wanted from Dunkin ‘.

The 28-year-old rhymer reportedly left the scene, but returned moments later and continued his verbal argument with the employee. He then took out a knife and threw it several times at the underage worker. The incident was filmed and then posted on social media. The clip shows a man with braids violently waving the knife at the girl who is seen in a dunkin ‘uniform.

Police later arrived at the scene and discovered the employee had a cut on her arm. However, she reportedly refused medical treatment. Dae Dae was no longer at Dunkin’s location when law enforcement arrived.

The Union City Police Department has charged the ATL artist with aggravated assault, but authorities have not been able to apprehend Dae Dae since the incident about six months ago. He is currently on the run.

This is not the first encounter of rapper “Wat U Mean” with the police. In February 2018, he was arrested in Green County, Georgia on gun and drug charges. At the time, he was a passenger in a vehicle stopped for speeding. After searching the car, police found a gun on the floor, which was stolen. Dae Dae claimed he was unaware the gun was stolen. Another firearm was found under the passenger seat.

He has been charged with theft by harboring stolen goods, possession of marijuana less than an ounce and crossing guard lines with contraband. The marijuana charge stems from Dae Dae hiding weed in a patrol car while being taken to jail.

Dae Dae abandoned his latest project, 5 reasons, in 2017.

XXL contacted the Union City Police Department for comment.

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