Dirtiest opening bars on songs in hip-hop history


Hip-hop has a long history of rappers delivering steamy lyrics on their songs. In some cases, the dirtiest songs in hip-hop feature sexually explicit lyrics in the very first few bars. These song openers are NSFW, so be warned.

Taking it back to the late 1990s, Lil ‘kimTrack of 1996 “Big Momma Thang“finds the Brooklyn MC delivering a memorable yet sexually explicit opening line.” I was afraid of the cock / Now I throw my lips to shit / Handle her like a real bitch, “she boasts.

Not to be outdone, KhiaThe 2002 song “My Neck, My Back (Lick It)” is possibly the most quoted and filthiest opening line in hip-hop. “All ladies pop your pussy like this / Shake your body, don’t stop, don’t miss,” the Miami rapper orders on the scorching song.

The men also pushed the boundaries with their sexualized lyrics. Sure BRS Kashthe remix of his latest hit “Throat Baby”, DaBaby sets it off with an X rated opening line. “Close fuck got the best face in the world on her I’m ready to hit / Put her lips on my cock and she swirls on it, she’s ready to spit XXL winter magazine 2020 cover the raps of the stars on the track.

Stallion Megan Thee, one of DaBaby’s frequent collaborators, is also one of several hip-hop women who are comfortable and unapologetic when it comes to rapping about sex. The 2019 XXL First-year studentThe 2018 banger “Big Ole Freak” features her spitting out a provocative opening verse. “Yeah, big ole freak, eh / Big booty, big ole treat (Ah) / I’ll make him wait for the pussy / Hit him ’til the big ole skeet, yeah (Baow, baow, baow)” , rap Megan.

So with that, XXL highlights the dirtiest song openers in hip-hop history. Fair warning: The lyrics below are sexually explicit.

Discover the dirtiest song openers in hip-hop history

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