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It’s another. Last week (April 30), DJ Khaled fall Khaled khaled, his starred album filled with 14 bangers. To commemorate his 12th studio album, Slogan King covers a digital edition of XXL magazine, photographed by Ahmed Klink at Khaled Estate in Miami. This is the third time that the famous DJ has obtained a XXL blanket: the first in 2017 with his son, Asahd, digital coverage in 2019 and now this one.

Everything Khaled does is on an extravagant level, from collaborations he locks in for his albums to rollouts leading up to release day, meaning his cover interview had to match that same energy. Saturday May 1 XXL cut it with arguably the world’s most famous DJ at his mansion in Miami, but instead of a traditional interview, the rap superstar Lil baby, which appears on Khaled khaled three times, talk to the creator of the album.

Here the two discuss how DJ Khaled decides which artists to put on his albums, what records they turn on, pooling rap royalty like Jay-Z and Nas, his recording process. And much more.

Lil Baby kicks things off by asking Khaled how he makes his records.

“I mean, the way I make my records, you know, I start with the production, the music, the beat. It’s me and my team that make it or sometimes it’s from someone I love like Tay Keith or something, u nah I’m saying it? “Said Khaled to Baby.” What I do with it, I make sure the music is correct. The pace must be right. It has to speak to me on different levels and in different languages ​​and different vibrations. And then from there, a few records, I like to come up with just a few ideas just to spark other ideas.

“Like, if I say, ‘Yo, baby, I wanna talk about,’ you mean, ‘We made it,’ ‘We made it,’ ‘Winin’ or blah, blah, blah, au the less you know the direction in which I want to go. Once I get the idea, I sit down with the artist like you. You work with me several times. You know, when you walk into the studio, I know Lil Baby is coming to my studio, I’m ‘I’m gonna be fucking ready, you nah I say? I’m ready, that is, like when he comes in here, I have to play magic on him. “

At Khaled khaled, there is a song for everyone. Younger rap fans will prefer tracks like “Every Chance I Get” with Lil Baby and Lil Durk, “I Did It” with Post Malone, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Baby and DaBaby, “Big Paper” with Cardi B spitting swagger bars, and of course, you can’t forget two of the summer 2020 anthems: “Pop Star” and “Greece”, both featuring Duck. But there’s also music for OG rap lovers with songs like “Thankful” featuring Lil Wayne and Jeremih as well as “Sorry Not Sorry,” a track that brings together hip-hop GOATs of the age of 19. ‘or Jay-Z and Nas. These two rappers on a track together is a rare occasion, one that has not been heard since “Black Republican” of 2006. Now this major moment was created by none other than DJ Khaled, who did it to inspire the youth. “And I wanted to inspire young dem, you nah I mean, if you ever bother with somebody, man, if you could fix it, it’s always awesome, no I mean?” he shares.

DJ Khaled takes pride in not only making great music, but also creating legendary moments that rap fans will remember. And that’s exactly what he accomplishes with his Khaled khaled album.

Peep DJ Khaled’s XXL digital cover of the magazine and watch the full interview below.

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