DJ Quik’s post about being shot twice is an April Fool’s joke


DJ Quik had a number of people on social media concerned about his well-being this morning, but it turns out it was just a joke.

Thursday (April 1), the veteran DJ and producer posted a post on his Instagram story saying he was shot and injured several times while driving on the freeway. However, he later revealed that the post was not true and that it was an April Fool’s Day joke.

“I’m on my way to the hospital,” he typed earlier this morning. “Someone just pulled into my car 7-10 times on the highway. I was hit twice. Pray for me.”

In a follow-up post a few hours later, DJ Quik said “Oh yeah … APRIL FOOL!” including a wink emoji.

Quik also shared a video via IG, praising his prank on social media.

“Mhm,” he began in the short clip. “April Fool’s Day. Now you all have to get over that. I got you all right. It was a good time. Damn, I impressed myself with that. Yeah, no … Happy Fool’s Day. April. I love you all. I’m fine. “

DJ Quik is well known for his contributions to the west coast rap scene of the 1990s and for popularizing G-funk – or gangsta-funk, a subgenre of hip hop influenced by 1970s funk music. Quik has worked with Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Nate Dogg, Tupac Shakur and more. He was also signed to Suge Knight’s Death Row Records for a brief period.

In 2016, Quik released an EP with another artist from California, Problem, called Rosecrans. The effort includes appearances from The Game and Wiz Khalifa.

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