DMX hospitalized after drug overdose, rappers respond


On Saturday April 3, hip-hop woke up to the sad news that DMX overdose Friday (April 2). According to TMZ, the rapper was rushed to a hospital in White Plains, New York, where he remains critical condition. X is said to have “some brain activity”, but others say that the MC is in a “vegetative state”. There is currently no word on whether DMX is successful, but doctors fear it may not be successful.

Following reports on the state of DMX, the rhymer’s rap peers offered their support to the 50-year-old Yonkers, NY native. Rappers such as Rick Ross, Saigon, TI and Lil Reese have shown their love for the It’s dark and hell is hot artist on social networks.

After the news that X was in the hospital in a bad state, Rick Ross shared a video on his Instagram story. “Prayer for DMX the legend, let’s put this in the sky,” Rick Ross said.

IT also posted on the photo-sharing platform offering condolences and revealing how DMX supported him through tough times, “Shake Big Bro. We made plans Maaaan We’ve got some shit to do !!! done in life tonight, “began the” Live your Life “rapper.” I appreciate you so much for pulling up and checking out a ni ** a. So now I’m telling you like you got to me. said … That too will pass … We need Real 1 like you !!! #PrayersUpForDMX. “

Everybody has XXL sends his thoughts and prayers to DMX and his loved ones. Check out the other rappers below who are praying for DMX to recover quickly.

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