Drake De Degrassi’s Best TV Show References to Boy Meets World


Hip-hop and pop culture go hand in hand. At first this relationship was a bit one-sided, but once rap took over the world, both sides took advantage of the coexistence and collaboration of their respective artists to create hit songs. When it comes to television, rappers love to reference their favorite shows, characters, actors and actresses as well as the best episodes. Quite funny, Duck, a rap superstar who was a child actor before hip-hop fame, has dropped numerous TV shows and their characters throughout his career, from his pre-So far era to more modern times. Here, XXL features some of Drake’s best bars on TV.

It’s no surprise that Drizzy, who made his leap into public consciousness by starring in the TV show Degrassi: the new generation in 2001, loves television, but makes it known in an impressive way. Throughout his discography, Drake has released a variety of TV shows. On the 2009 song “Unstoppable” starring Lil Wayne and Santigold, the Toronto MC mentions Mr. Feeny of the Coming-of-age drama from 1993 Boy meets the world in a way that proves he really watched the show. The lyrics, “And I belong exactly where you see me / I’m not on the fence about this, I’m not Mr. Feeny” is smart because Feeny used to give the character wisdom. series principal, Corey Matthews, over his fence since they were neighbors on the show. A passive viewer wouldn’t remember this detail, making it clear that Drake was listening. Boy meets the world.

Drake’s television credentials extend to more recent eras as well. On “Mob Ties”, taken from his 2018 album, Scorpio, he rhymes, “Yeah, I can say / I just gave them two for 40 million like Chappelle,” according to the legendary comedian Dave chappelle landed a huge deal. He reportedly signed a contract with Netflix in 2016, in which the actor would receive $ 20 million per comedy special. In 2017, Chappelle had the Netflix specials The Age of Spin: Dave Chappelle Live at the Hollywood Palladium and Heart of Texas: Dave Chappelle Live at Austin City Limits, which was packaged together, and Dave Chappelle: equanimity and the revelation of the bird, also packaged together. So, literally, he gave Netflix “two” for $ 40 million. Whereas Dave originally became a household name thanks to the success of his comedy show Chappelle show, it makes sense that Drake shouted at him.

Take a look at the gallery below for more references to Drake’s TV show. In the wise words of Juelz Santana, “Don’t watch me, watch TV”.

See Drake’s Best TV Show References

Don’t watch it, watch TV.

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