Eminem, Travis Scott and Kanye West sneakers sell for $ 26,000


From the outside looking inside, the sneaker buying games is a tough business with bots – or automated software that allows people to quickly buy limited shoes – devouring Nike’s premier shoe-selling app, SNKRS. Then there are resale platforms that increase the prices of the shoes to more than three or four times their original value. And recently, auction house Sotheby’s announced that it is offering coveted pairs of Jordan sneakers collabed by the rapper, which will also cost a grip.

After seeing the successful sale of hip-hop memorabilia and collectibles, Sotheby’s – the same auction house that allegedly sold The Notorious BIG crown from the legendary “King of New York” photoshoot at Jay-Z and BeyoncĂ©– announced on Wednesday March 24 that they would be selling rare sneakers from partnerships with Nike / Jordan and rappers like Eminem, Travis Scott and many more.

The Nike Air Jordan IV Retro ‘Eminem x Carhartt,’ Nike Air Jordan IV Retro Travis Scott ‘Purple’, ‘Nike Air Jordan IV Retro Eminem’ Encore ‘with Marshall Mathers Signed Card, Kanye West Signed Nike Air Yeezy 2’ Mismatch ‘Sample, Nike Air Jordan IV Retro Eminem’ Encore, ‘ Nike Air Jordan IV Retro Eminem ‘Encore’ StockX version, Nike Air Jordan III Retro ‘Father of Asahd’ and Nike Air Jordan III Retro ‘Another One’ are all auctioned with bids between $ 15,000 and $ 26,000.

With auction closing for these sneakers on Monday, March 29, most bids have almost hit their expected sell-out rates.

For the most part, it seems sneakerheads’ success in snagging limited edition sneakers at the shoe’s original retail price is an art. Meanwhile, others are spending hundreds and sometimes thousands to get their hands on rare sneakers.

Check out the offers of these rare sneakers on the Sotheby’s website here.

See all the sneakers for sale below.

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