Everyone Drake Name-Drops on Scary Hours 2 songs


Duck just breathed new life into a lackluster first quarter in the rap music world with its new Scary Hours 2 song package Friday (March 5), and it brings down many other rappers and celebrities with this new release.

Scary Hours 2 contains only three tracks of which “And after,” “Wants and Needs” with Lil Baby and “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” with Rick Ross. A review of the 6 Measures of God on the Song Package reveals that Drake still claims his claim as the current crown holder in the rap game. It also drops several names on the brief release, which serves as a sequel to 2018. Scary hours song pack.

In “What’s Next”, Drizzy has a bar boasting about her relationship with the fashion designer Virgil Abloh. In “Wants and Needs”, Drake seems to indicate that he may be extending the olive branch to Kanye west after years of being friends.

The final track, “Lemon Pepper Freestyle,” is peppered with lyrical cries, ranging from well-known celebrities to obscure millionaires and billionaires, as Drake mentions everyone from the song’s co-author, Rick Ross, to a basketball star. -ball, a deceased friend. , icon of the 1990s television sitcom and Middle Eastern royalty.

The next step for Drake is his sixth studio album, Boy in love certified, which is set to drop this year after its original January release date was pushed back by the rap star. “I can’t wait to share it with all of you in 2021,” he told fans in January. SC2 should give fans some relief until he’s officially Drizzy SZN.

Today, XXL take a look at every person Aubrey bumps into Scary Hours 2.

See them all for yourself below.

See everyone Drake Name-Drops on Scary Hours 2

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