Flavor Flav says people won’t stop calling him Boosie BadAzz


First, Boosie BadAzz was mistaken for Flavor Flav at the airport. And now the Public enemy Co-founder opens up about people who say he looks like Baton Rouge rhymer, La.

Monday evening (April 12), Flavor Flavor shared a video via Instagram of the Las Vegas Strip, in which he denounces his preference Boosie BadAzz and calls for end of comparisons.

“Ayo. Check one, two,” begins the giant MC carrying a clock. “It’s Flavor Flav on Las Vegas Blvd. Live, babe. Ayo, that shit is getting out of hand right now, man. You know what I’m saying? Muthafuckas walks up to me, calls me willingly Lil Boosie “Hey Lil Boosie, how are you? Oh, Flavor Flav. “I don’t look like a Lil muthafuckin ‘Boosie. Aight?”

Flavor Flav continues, “Boosie, look what the fuck you did, my son. You’ve got everyone calling me now. I don’t look like Lil Boosie. I look like Flavor muthafuckin ‘Flav. So you’ve got it fine. Got it, Say, G. Boosie doesn’t have the stats that I have. Boosie only has the stats that he has. So you all remember that shit. I’m Flavor muthafuckin ‘Flav, not Lil Boosie. “

A little over a week ago, Boosie BadAzz hopped on IG Live and brought up a woman saying he looked like Flavor Flav. He was clearly embarrassed by the comment.

“I was just in the fucking airport, madam came over to talk about ‘Flavor Flav!’ I don’t look like a fucking Flavor Flav. I look like Boosie, ”exclaimed the Louisiana rapper.

Boosie didn’t find the comparison funny either. Instead, he assumed the woman had mistaken him for the Flavor of love star because of the red sunglasses Boosie wore at the time.

“That’s why I don’t know where those damn red glasses,” the Goat Talk 2 artist added. “Fuck. Fucked me early this morning. Too early for this shit. ‘Flavor Flav!’ I kept walking. Flav, you can’t fuck with me, man. Speaking of which, I look like Flavor Flav. “

For the good of both Boosie BadAzz and Flavor Flavor, hope people don’t confuse them anymore.

In case you missed Boosie’s IG Live, take a look below.

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