Flo Milli lists her top five favorite hip-hop albums


Rap culture is a utopia of sharing and influence. Almost every rapper has a list of artists they revere or who helped shape them into the rhymers they are today. And then there are the albums that changed their lives, helped them get through a difficult time or attributed to their sound. For 2021 XXL First-year student Flo milli, her top five records come from a rap queen who tops the charts in Queens, NY, a bona fide hitmaker from Virginia, a 2019 XXL First-year student and a native of Alabama.

On this year’s Freshman shoot in Atlanta, Flo milli shared the albums that are dear to her, whether it was because it was a soundtrack of her life at one point, the duality of male and female energy that the effort offers or the vibe was just undeniable.

“So my top five favorite hip-hop albums would be: Pink friday [Nicki Minaj], Barter 6 [Young Thug], In construction through Missy Elliott, Ho, why are you here? by Flo Milli, Gunna‘s Wunna album, “says Flo.

The First Lady of Young money is the first and Flo Milli explains why. “I chose Nicki Minaj’s Pink friday because, you know, that was a part of my life where I was growing a little bit, ”she says. “And that’s who was on at the time, so that’s all I would hear is Nicki.” So I grew up easily as a fan. “

Flo continues with her choice for Thugger. “I chose Young Thug’s Barter 6 Because, around that time, Thug was just starting to get poppin and stuff, so I really like the energy he brought to the music, ”she says.“ I chose Missy Elliott’s. In construction because Missy just had that factor in her where it was really a balance of male and female energy and she really knew how to work that. “

And of course, the rhymer from Mobile, Ala. would be remiss without including her own work, naming her first mixtape as the # 4 joint on her list.

“I have chosen Flo milli‘s Ho, why are you here? because number 1, if you don’t love yourself nobody will, “says Flo.” So you have to support the queen’s things, so I had to get on with it. “

And finally, the signatory of Young Stoner Life and XXL First-year student alum Gunna takes fifth place. “I chose Gunna’s Wunna album because it was a vibe, like a smoke and vibe type feeling, “she concludes.” So I liked her album because it’s like no jumps and you can really vibrate on it. “

Let Flo Milli put you in the game with her top five albums below.

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