Flo Milli wants justice for Breonna Taylor on her ABC


Self-confidence is a trait that Flo milli clears effortlessly. While she’s booming in hip-hop, Flo has her feet firmly planted in the game’s ground and isn’t giving way to anyone. the 2021 XXL First-year student She might be softer than usual, but her rhymes are just the opposite: don’t mess with her. In all, Flo milli personifies the ultimate balance in his version of XXL‘s ABC.

To start off, Flo kicks things off with “Ass Bigger Than Yours” for the letter A. Next is B, and Mobile rapper Ala. considers herself the “worst bitch who breathes.” And of course, a woman of this caliber is irreplaceable, which brings us to the letter C, in which Flo says she “comes for any bitch who thinks she’ll end up taking my place.” Following up on the letter D, she warns her non-believers: “Never play with me, ho. “

Turning to H, the rising star pays homage to Flo millithe first mixtape of, Ho, why are you here? She then sheds light on social injustice, a cause for which Flo has championed, even protest in his hometown last June amid civil unrest. When the letter J appears, it sternly states: “Justice for Breonna Taylor”.

Towards the end of Flo Milli’s interpretation of the alphabet, she makes it clear that she isn’t baffled by just about anything that tries to distract her from her attention. That being said, the letter U means “Unfuckin bothered” while W means “Winning all the time”.

For the letter X, Flo commemorates the deceased DMX, died April 9. A day that marked rhymers of all ages.

Get in tune with Flo Milli’s personality in XXL‘s ABC below.

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A look at each XXL First year coverage since 2007.

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