Freddie Gibbs faces backlash for disturbing Twiter video


Freddie gibbsTwitter mentions are filled with vitriol after Gary rapper Ind. Posted video of a man at work appearing to have mental breakdown.

The video in question was posted by Gibbs on Twitter Sunday (April 25). In the clip, a man working behind a desk at a Holiday Inn Express hotel is severely questioned by a customer. The employee then begins to look like he’s having a manic moment and hits his head vigorously before taking the computer screen and slamming it on his own head. He then settles in before leaving the camera and sobbing loudly, while still being heckled by the client.

Gibbs captioned the tweet “Someone is making sure this white boy doesn’t have a gun. 🙏🏿.”

Whether or not he was seriously concerned about the man in the video’s safety or not, fans of the rapper were disgusted with his decision to post the disturbing video on social media. “As someone on the spectrum, I’d like to say that the person recording this and Freddie Gibbs can fuck himself,” one Twitter user commented. “Poor guy, I hope he gets through this.”

“The man who knew Freddie Gibbs was a heartless peon using his platform to show a child experiencing mental breakdown and anxiety attacks in the midst of a pandemic,” someone else commented. “Not only that, but making fun of him for it. These celebrities are just getting crazier the second and it’s sick.”

Despite the backlash, Gibbs refused to remove the video, telling someone who had told him to delete the tweet, “How bout no.” When a Twitter user tried to question his motives, Gibbs hinted that he wasn’t trying to laugh at the moment but to show concern. “That’s why I said check the bitch. D’Fuck,” Gibbs replied.

He later tweeted defiantly, “Cry me river bitch.”

XXL contacted Holiday Inn for comment.

See more tweets from people calling Freddie Gibbs for posting the video below.

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