Freddie Gibbs says he uses fake Instagram pages to make fun of rappers


Burner social media accounts are part of the present and Freddie gibbs is at stake. In fact, he admitted to using fake Instagram accounts to make fun of his fellow rappers.

In a recent interview with GQ magazine, which was released on Wednesday, March 31, Gangsta Gibbs said it uses engraved IG pages to taunt rappers in their comments section.

“I’ve been doing songs with these niggas lately so I took notes,” he says. “You are never too old to learn. Niggas get useless because they stop learning and being sponges for the game. I eat, sleep and breathe this shit, everyday. I watch what everyone is doing. on fake Instagram pages leaving comments like, “ This shit is wacky. I do all kinds of bullshit, I laugh at people. “

Interesting way, Freddie gibbs admitted when it appeared on The Joe Rogan experience podcast last month that he actually has a fake Instagram page.

Nonetheless, Gibbs appears to have an interesting relationship with the social media platform. In December, he was banned from Instagram. At the time, he claimed that the ban on using the site was the “end of an era”.

Freddie gibbs tweeted last year, “I just got banned from Gram. 😂. Instagram banned me when I got my superpowers. He added: “End of an era. 😂. “

In February, Gibbs again spoke about the IG ban on Showtime. Desus and Mero. He explained, “They kicked me out of the fucking Gram,” he said, before relaying the explanation given to him after his ban. but they actually say i pester niggas that’s why i get reported every day. So I’m like, ‘Who the fuck am I bullying?’ “

the Alfredo rymer also said he didn’t know who had accused him of bullying, but he believed people were writing letters to the powers that be on Instagram.

No need to worry, Gibbs’ IG account is alive and well right now.

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