Here is the proof manifestation really works for rappers


Never underestimate the power of manifestation. Saying things in existence carries weight. And if you don’t believe it, the biggest names in hip-hop can also attest to the benefits of dreaming and keeping good faith.

In 2010, when Tyler the creator Flaming as a burgeoning artist, the Los Angeles rapper tweeted that he was going to win a Grammy one day. A decade later, her fifth album, IGOR, is the reason he won his very first Grammy for best rap album at the 2020 awards show. Tyler’s manifestation marker was a prestigious award, but for Juice Wrld, he was doing a collaborative project with one of his idols, To come up. In 2017, Juice claimed that doing a joint project with the Atlanta rapper would someday ‘he did it’. A year later, the pair teamed up and released Wrld On Drugs. It doesn’t get much more rewarding than that.

Sometimes the tweets aren’t as grandiose, but the end result proves the artist’s current power in the game. It’s only natural that once the music blows up, the amount of influence a rapper receives also increases. . Gaining millions of followers on Twitter was perhaps unimaginable then compared to today. Can you believe there was a time when J. Cole only had 502 subscribers? He was a geek about it in 2009. Now he’s progressed and has nearly 14 million. Logic can identify themselves. In 2011, he was excited to reach 4,000 subscribers. A few million would have to be added to that to arrive at its total today.

Thanks to the documentation of social media and the chatty nature of Twitter, XXL found several tweets from your favorite artists that prove that the event really works. Let him remind you daily that putting things in the air can make them happen sooner rather than later.

See old rapper tweets that prove the protest really works

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