How much would it cost to get a verse from your favorite rapper?


Duck Said it best on his 2014 haircut, “From 0 to 100 / Catching up”, when he spat out the bar, “Know yourself, know your worth.” The rappers have clearly factored in the seven-year-old’s lyrics when it comes to the price tag for a verse. Of course, the amount varies depending on skill, seniority, whether or not the artist is in high demand And the list continues. Either way, a number of your favorite hip hop artists have named their awards and it’s a pretty dime. Prepare yourself and your wallets.

Back in February, DaBaby revealed that it would cost six figures to give it a record – $ 300,000 to be exact. Then, on a clip from an unreleased track the rapper shared via Instagram on April 22, he said it would cost $ 250,000 for a verse. So it’s safe to say that the range is probably between the last and the first, but not less than $ 250,000. Either way, Baby’s price has clearly gone up. How? Well, in 2019, he said during a LA Leakers interview on Power 106 that a the functionality of him will cost at least $ 100,000. This all came after the success of the rhymer from Charlotte, NC Baby on baby album, which houses the old XXL First-year studentrecord of success, “Suge.

Baby notes that the rap game is one in which you have to pay to play. He is also not bothered by those who might be a little confused or just object to his price for a verse. “I don’t care if they’re offended or not because I was paying to play,” he said during this time. LA Leakers interview. “You just gotta respect the game, man.”

Amid the pandemic, other rappers Lil baby shared his price of a feature, too much. In June of last year, the Music quality control The artist shared via Twitter that his price was also in the six-figure range: no less than $ 100,000. At first, the 4 Pocket Full Head Honcho said the price for its feature was firm $ 100,000. Then he made it known not to change it because he would actually be offended if he was offered anything less.

Take a look below for the prices other rappers charge for a verse over the years.

See how much it will cost to get a verse from your favorite rapper

Any guesses on dollar amounts before looking?

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