Iann Dior favors cars, clothes and coins in his ABC


Unless it’s heard in the passionate storytelling of songs like “Emotions” and “Gone Girl” with Trippie Redd, Iann Dior don’t say too much. He often exists in his own world. However, when Puerto Rico-born artist Corpus Christi, originally from Texas, chooses to reverse his thoughts, the relativity of his music is just as consistent on camera. Take a look at the 2021 XXL First-year student‘s ABC to familiarize yourself.

Without any hesitation, Iann Dior immediately reveals that he appropriately prefers to have a cushion for the push. “I’m not going to be cliché and say bitches for B.” he begins before adding, “But I’m going to say big booty bitches because that’s what I like.”

The 22-year-old rhymer who sells gold uses the next string of characters to identify his love for C’s cash flow and stay dripping. He even explains how that equates to a lot of commas on his price tags. For E, he hits with the word dear. “Because all my clothes are expensive” Iann actions. “I am very candle.” Beside that, it matches F with the word mode. “Because it’s a big part of my life. “

Halfway through the peloton, he shamelessly plays the music that allowed him to carve out a place in the 2021 XXL First year class. “M means ‘Atmosphere’ and I don’t even have to say why, ”he says of his Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 collaboration with 2020 XXL 10th place winner 24kGoldn freshman. Then for N, Iann mentions his first project, Nothing is ever good enough. “It was my first project that I released and it was a centerpiece for me,” he maintains.

Fully integrated into the second half of the stack, Iann mentions that he is indeed silent when he comes up with a word for Q. He might not make much noise outside the cabin, but the motors and the wheels of Ferraris, Lamborghini Huracáns, McLarens and safer when he runs them on the streets, explained once he got to the letter R.

Before concluding, the gender challenge uses the letter W to express his return to the outside world. “I hope we’ll be back to shows very soon and get to see you guys,” Iann transmits. It was pretty hard.

Watch Iann Dior talk about his love for cars, clothes and motto below in its version of the ABC.

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