Iann Dior lists his top five favorite hip-hop albums


Stories of arrests have always had an appeal on Iann Dior. As someone who owns a gold pen that has turned pages of their poetry into songs of gold and platinum, it’s no surprise that projects with a lot of lucid storytelling have achieved the seal of approval in this 2021 XXL First-year studentof his top five favorite hip-hop albums.

For many J. Cole fans like Iann, audio memories of Cole’s teenage years fuel the reasoning behind 2014 Forest Hills Route get his respect in this discussion all the time. “In high school, it had a big impact on me”, Iann streamlines.

Immediately after with magnus opus-like quality on the table, the hip-hop and pop genre bender, who topped the Billboard Hot 100 as a feature on 24kGoldn’s “Mood” last year, salutes Kendrick Lamarthe second year masterpiece of 2012, good kid, MAAD town second. “It was so different,” he defends himself. “There was nothing like it on every ride.”

For third place, Iann, an artist born in Puerto Rico and raised in Texas, discusses muscle in Jay Zthe leading effort of The plan, which left a nostalgic imprint on Iann’s mind. His father played the album for Iann when he was a child. β€œIt was the first rap album I got into,” he says of the Billboard 200’s No.1 sales effort.

Duck‘s Nothing was the same gets fourth place in Iann’s list. Supporters of Drizzy since its debut would agree with Iann, who thinks the 15-track fireball is Drake’s “best album.”

Swapping genres to close his top five, the 22-year-old artist concludes his choices with Franck Oceanthe classic with teary eyes Blond. β€œI loved it from top to bottom and it’s very difficult for me to live with when I listen to an album,” he explains.

Watch Iann Dior name his top five favorite hip-hop albums of all time below.

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