Interview of the XXL Freshman 2021 roundtable by Blxst and Toosii


the XXL First-year student process is extensive. It starts with months of artist pitches that include interviews and listening sessions. Next is the shoot, packed with back-to-back activities including freestyles, numbers, ABCs, photoshoots and more. The day can be really exhausting, but in the end 2021 XXL First year students elect Blxst and Toosii finally had a break and reflected on the busy journey in their roundtable interview after the figure they got body.

At the top of the segment, the two genre-blending artists share their thoughts on being a freshman. For Blxst, the west coast rhymer whose rapping and singing skills helped build his hype with esteemed projects like No love lost and brilliant tracks like “Gang Slide”, honor is “everything”. “It’s like a notable cosign,” he explains.XXL is a respected platform, so it gives you that green light for sure. “

Toosii, an artist who represents upstate New York and downstate, and who rose to prominence with tracks like “Red Light” and “Love Cycle,” agrees with his comrade class and talks about rising up when her name was called. “Not everyone is blessed enough to have this opportunity,” he says. “So I think if you don’t take full advantage of this opportunity, I don’t know how many times you’ll have too many.”

In the three-minute clip, the couple also take the time to divulge their thoughts on the comparison as the joy stealer for their generation. And how the camaraderie between their classmates goes against the grain.

“As far as peers go, I feel love,” Blxst begins. “I don’t really feel too much hate. And it’s not ego. I don’t know if it’s just this generation. , but I feel like the ego is carried away. It doesn’t matter your level. If you’re tough, you’re tough … “

“I never tried to compete with Blxst or compete with [Pooh] Shiesty or one of them, ”adds Toosii. “In the end, that’s enough for all of us. So we are here and we are working.

Watch Blxst and Toosii predict people’s reaction to them on the cover, discuss not to be distracted by the success of their peers, and more in their 2021 XXL First-year student round table interview below.

Look at the figure of Blxst and Toosii.

See the 2021 XXL First year class

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