Interview with Curren $ y: NFTs, new EP and Jay-Z’s cannabis line


Curren $ y released a new EP called Financial district, exclusively as NFT, to record the 4/20 cyphers of each.

Friday April 16, the founder of Jet Life Recordings cut it with XXL in an exclusive video interview on the seven-song EP from freshly premiered titles, which is set to go on sale today (April 20) jetlifeapparel.com, powered by technology from development company NFT Bondly financeat exactly 4:20 p.m. EST. “I hope that Financial district ends up being an audio art experience through NFT where they care about people and it will be a matter of conversation, ”says Curren $ y.

Although he keeps his foot on the accelerator when it comes to releasing new music – he released six projects just last year – the Louisiana-born rapper decided to go the NFT route to deliver. something unique, rare and accessible to his fans from day one. For those who aren’t plugged in, NFTs are non-fungible tokens or digital files that include everything from art, memorabilia, and music, and can be purchased with cryptocurrency or credit cards.

There have been minimal previews and snippets of Financial district that give people a glimpse of what to expect in cyberspace, but the rapper assures his fans are right if they take the risk. “They trust me, buy me grenades, hoping that when they throw this muthafucka it’ll explode,” Curren $ y said. “So it’s a big responsibility for me to wear and I agree.”

The sale lasts three days and the winning bidder will receive more than just music. A 3D work of art designed by Kid Eight, who previously drew objects for Gucci Mane, Future, Yo Gotti and more, an Atari Metaverse game console and travel accommodations to meet Curren $ y at an upcoming event.

For those looking to cut things down a bit, people can also purchase smaller levels of the NFT that feature fewer songs, a virtual smoke session, a Jet Life Recordings channel, and more.

Spitta Andretti is the latest hip-hop bubble artist to capitalize on the NFT wave. Rap peers love A $ AP Rocky, Soulja boy, Post Malone and Azealia Banks recently made headlines to follow suit.

In addition to preparing new content for his followers, the 40-year-old rhymer was featured in the recent campaign for Jay Zof Monogram cannabis line Last week. The campaign was animated by the legendary Hype williams, who photographed Curren $ y and others. During the Photo shoot, the artist actually had the chance to test out the highly anticipated Hov pack and donated XXL a mini review on this.

“What I saw on the jars, they were numbered,” he reveals. “And some of them had, I don’t know if that was attributes, but like some of them said ‘heavy’ and shit like that on it. So I know whoever said ‘heavy’ was heavy… I was combing the place for the “ heavy ”. … When those pictures come out just know that every joint I was holding was filled with that one, was filled with ‘heavy’.

Speaking of legends, the first Young money signatory spoke about his first studio session with Lil wayne as well as. As the two blew Swishers through the mid to late 2000s, Curren $ y didn’t expect the Chronicle to be so powerful, nor did he expect Weezy to ask for his bars during the session.

“It was always crap,” he began. “I thought maybe we were just smoking and going out. And then the beats came. I remember in my mind it felt like I was in an empty auditorium and the lights went on. are on, and I’m like, ‘What, do I have to do something?’ I was so stunned I was like, ‘Are you about to put words together and then I have to put the words together?’ It was fucking crazy … But you know, champions do. what champions do and you know yourself because you’re not about to drop the ball …

Well, being Johnny there paid off, because the Covert Coupe Rhymer accepted who he was right now.

“So out of nowhere I really found out who the fuck I was,” he admits. “Like no, I really like being fucked up and trying to think of something to say.” That day is the day I met the super fye, owned it and became one with it.

Watch Curren $ y talk with XXL about his new EP, Financial district, NFTs, Jay-Z’s weed line, smoking with Lil Wayne for the first time and more below.

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