Is the Def Jam Fighting video game coming back?


Could there be a 2000s revival video game Def Jam Vendetta after all?

Former President of Def Jam recordings, Kevin liles, posted an Instagram post on Wednesday, May 12, in which he hinted that the hybrid wrestling and hip-hop video game could make a comeback. “#itsinthename I think I should bring the series back ?? How many of you would love this to happen. #DefJamEnterprises let me know,” Liles wrote in the caption alongside a screenshot of a game article written for Breeding vultures.

In addition to the aforementioned image, the IG carousel also contains a photo of the actual video game as well as a short paragraph from the site’s article, which says, “Well, if there’s never a new game Def Jam, it certainly won’t. Be for lack of demand, whether organically or artificially drummed by the Def Jam Social media page records. It seems like anyone who runs these accounts likes the engagement that comes with teasing a new entry on the show, but they’ve been doing the same thing periodically for years and there’s still nothing to show. “

Def Jam Vendetta was first released in 2003 via EA Sports.

In 2020, the legendary record label teased the game’s return, claiming fans were clamoring for it to resurface. On August 9, 2020, Def Jam tweeted: “The streets say we need a new Def Jam In a follow-up message, the label wrote: ‘Once our twitter hits 1M, we have a special announcement for all of you! “

However, it doesn’t look like the hit game returned to video game consoles last year. Maybe things could be different this time around.

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