Jada Pinkett Smith told Tupac Shakur not to hurt Will Smith


Tupac Shakur and Jada Pinkett Smith knowingly had a close relationship from childhood to adulthood, but there were some complex moments, especially when it came to Jada’s husband, Will smith.

In an interview with The art of dialogue Wednesday (June 30), Outlaw Rapper Napoleon shared a case where the actress offended her longtime rapper-actor friend while trying to protect her husband.

“I remember when I first got around ‘Pac, Jada pinkett was in a movie, maybe it was the first movie she ever acted in, with the Wayans brothers, “begins Napoleon. The rhymer says he didn’t remember which movie it was, maybe Stockings Stockings Dirty Shame with Keenen Ivory Wayans, but Napoleon explains how attentive Tupac was while watching the movie.

“Then a few days later, I heard him tell someone he knew the actress, who is Jada Pinkett,” the rapper continues. “Later she became a star. The second time I probably heard him talk about her was when he went to LA. I don’t do anything about it. Will smith. ‘ So “Pac was upset and said,” I don’t know why she thinks I tried to make trouble with Will Smith. I guess it hurt him… He had a lot of love for Jada Pinkett, a lot of respect for her. “

Back in January 2020, Will Smith revealed during an interview with The breakfast club that he was jealous of his Jada’s love for Tupac. Will frankly stated that his dissatisfaction with Jada’s feelings for ‘Pac kept him from speaking with the West Coast rapper.

“Oh my God!” Will said. “Dude! And that was at the very beginning. And it was like – it was a big regret for me too because I was never able to open up to interact with ‘Pac. You know, we had a little problem because they grew up with each other. “

He added, “They loved each other but they had never had sex. But they got to that age where it was a possibility and then Jada was with me. So, ‘Pac had a little thing there- on it. But she just loved him. He was the picture of perfection but she was with the Fresh Prince. We were in the room together a few times, I couldn’t talk to her. And he wasn’t going to talk to me if I was not going to talk to him. “

Check Outlaw Rapper Napoleon recounts when Jada Pinkett Smith asked Tupac Shakur not to harm Will Smith below.

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