Jake Paul wants to fight 6ix9ine


Jake paul wants his next opponent in the ring to be 6ix9ine, but Tekashi doesn’t look like he’s up for it.

During a Q&A on Jake’s Instagram story this afternoon (May 18), someone asked the YouTube star if he wanted to fight the Brooklyn rapper. The social media influencer was not shy about explaining why he would like to take on Tekashi.

“I want because he deserves to get his ass pounded and I want to do it for all the people he didn’t respect but honestly that would be too easy and a 30 second fight + he wouldn’t show up on the ring the day I beat her but yes I would love to knock her out, ” Jake paul actions.

Soon after, 6ix9ine traveled to IG to respond to Jake’s challenge.

“I think he’s on steroids like his security guard who passed away,” Tekashi says.

Jake Paul also doubled his potential fight against The Game, poking fun at the Compton rapper’s age while also mentioning 32-year-old UFC fighter Conor McGregor.

When asked if he was going to fight Game, Jake types, “No, I don’t attack grandparents like McGregor.”

Fan inquiring about Jake Paul’s confrontation with The Game stems from the Born 2 Rap rymer tweeting both Jake and his brother Logan Paul so they can meet outside the Staples Center in Los Angeles to fight. The match would likely be low-key as Game mentioned that neither gloves nor money are needed.

Whether or not Jake is joking and whether the fight is actually happening is unclear. It is also unclear whether Brother Paul will actually fight in the ring with Tekashi, who trolled and provoked many rappers – alive and dead – before his incarceration and after his release.

More recently, 6ix9ine mocked Lil Reese, involved in Chicago shooting on May 15 and allegedly shot in the eye by a bullet.

If Jake Paul and 6ix9ine were to fight in the ring, who will win?

Discover wild rap bullocks that will likely never be solved

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