Jay-Z sues dubious photographer for exploitation


Over two decades ago Jay-Z hired New York photographer Jonathan Mannion to design the cover of his debut album, Reasonable doubt, in 1996. Fast forward 25 years, and Hov sues Mannion for exploiting footage from that same photo shoot.

According to a report via TMZ Tuesday (June 15), Roc Nation The boss is suing Jonathan Mannion and his company, Jonathan Mannion Photography, LLC, for claiming Mannion is using Jigga’s name and image without his permission. Jay also accused the famous photographer of having the rapper’s name all over his Hov website and image sales for thousands of dollars.

Additionally, Jay-Z reportedly claimed that he never allowed Mannion to use his images. In fact, the outlet claims that when Jay asked Mannion to stop using his photos, the photographer demanded tens of millions of dollars.

Jigga also accused Mannion of making an “arrogant assumption that because he took these photos he can do whatever he wants with them.”

When Mannion took photos of Hov in the mid-1990s, the acclaimed rapper said the photographer took hundreds of photos at the time. At the time, Jay’s label, Roc-A-Fella Records, used some of the footage from Jay-Z’s debut album and compensated Mannion for them.

Jay further claims that Mannion uses images of Jigga on the main page of his website where the hip-hop photographer sells Jay-Z images and merchandise. However, Jay notes that he is very strict on the use of his “name, likeness, identity and personality,” which he did not allow Mannion to use for himself.

Hov reportedly added that it is “ironic that a photographer treats the image of a once-unknown black teenager, who is now hugely successful, as a property to be exploited for every dollar he can produce. It stops. today.”

Jay ZJonathan Mannion’s lawsuit against Jonathan Mannion is to immediately stop selling images of the rapper and receive all the profits Mannion made from the likeness of the Brooklyn-raised rhymer.

XXL has reached out to Jay-Z and Jonathan Mannion’s legal team for comment on this.

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