July 2021 New musical releases


After months of waiting for summer to arrive, the constant heat is here and July’s outings are sure to keep the temperature on the rise. In June, there were efforts of the famous Atlanta rap trio, Migos, who delivered their eagerly awaited Culture III album and were neck and neck for the # 1 spot on the Billboard graphic with the old 2020 XXL First year polo shirt G, who released his third LP, Hall of fame, the same day June 11. A project of Lil Baby and Lil Durk called The voice of heroes also arrived earlier this month.

The aforementioned offers were the perfect preamble to knowing what to expect in the coming weeks.

July 1 Fenix ​​Flexin is about to release his first solo mixtape, Fenix ​​Flexin Vol. 1. Formerly of Coastal mafia, the Californian rhymer comes out with 15 titles and a feature film by Drakeo the Sovereign. The band also has a tribute at the end Mac P Dawg, a Shoreline Mafia affiliate who was shot and killed in April last year. Around this time, Fenix ​​also announced his departure from the rap team. “I’m a nun but I love my niggas and what we’ve done, but this new album will be my last with Shoreline as a band,” he tweeted. “Going forward with my individual career and my visions for myself and where I want to be.” Shoreline Mafia released her debut album and final project as a unit, Mafia Bidness, in July 2020.

Next month another posthumous album Fire wall Pop Smoke should happen too. On July 16, Pop’s 17-track effort will be released via Victor Victor Worldwide / Republic Records and will serve as a follow-up to Pop’s first massive hit, Shoot for the stars Aim for the moon, arrived on July 3, 2020, approximately five months after his tragic death. The Brooklyn rapper’s team announced the new album on Instagram on July 23. The promotional video montage for the upcoming project features short clips of Pop Smoke as he moves from childhood to adulthood, and in the clip, he can be heard saying, “I’m not trying to be cool. We have to write history. “

Other releases will arrive in July, including a new project by the Canadian rapper Jazz Cartier. Find the other pieces below.

July 2021 News

New music droppin ‘this month.

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