Justin Bieber reveals his top five rappers


Justin bieber has collaborated in one form or another with several rappers over the years and now he’s revealing his five favorite rhymes.

During an appearance on DJ Khaled’s The first podcast via Amazon Music Thursday March 25, Grammy Award-the winning singer went through his list of his best rappers and named a few all-time greats.

“You know, when you open this conversation, there’s always room for, ‘Oh, he can’t believe that,'” Bieber began. “But uh … I would say, Lil Wayne, Biggie, Eminem, Kanye West and my favorite is Drizzy Drake. “

It’s ironic – or maybe not so much – that Biebs’ name let down another Canadian artist Duck because Bieber starred in DJ Khaled’s music video for his track “Popstar” featuring the Toronto native. Although OVO Records’ chief honcho largely dominated the record, he was not featured in the video at all. Instead, Justin Bieber synchronized Drizzy’s bars with lips throughout the entire eight-minute visual.

Drake even thanked Biebs via social media for replacing him. “Thanks JB ….. I owe you one,” Drizzy tweeted upon the video’s release last September.

Aside from Drake, however, Bieber recently collaborated with Chance The Rapper on the pop singer’s song. “Holy,” which appears on Justin Bieber’s latest album, Justice. News of the joint effort first surfaced on September 15, 2020 when Bieber announced via social media that a song featuring himself and Chano would arrive days later, on September 18, 2020.

Shortly after the song’s arrival, Chance compared Justin Bieber’s upcoming album, presumably Justice, at Michael Jackson’s classic On the wall album and was immediately ripped to shreds via social media.

DaBaby also revealed last October that he had several songs with Bieber. When a fan asked the old 2019 XXL Freshman when he collaborates with the pop superstar, Baby replied, “We have five.” A collaboration of DaBaby and Justin Bieber is yet to arrive, but maybe in due time.

Check out Justin Bieber revealing his top five rappers to DJ Khaled below.

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