Kid Cudi is pissed off at the TikTok ‘Day N’ Night ‘trend


Kid cudisingle escape from “The day and the night” is co-opted for a new trend on TikTok and the rapper doesn’t feel it.

New trends from Generation Zers on TikTok have been making headlines recently, and users have been seen using Cudder’s hit song for a new meme. The trend is that people use the part of the song where Cudi is rapping, “Now watch this,” followed by a random clip. Despite the song’s rise on the app filling the Ohio rapper’s pockets, he is surprisingly bowled over by the memes. “I’m not fucking with what they did to my song on tik tok by removing the lyrics,” he tweeted on Friday March 12th. “We live in strange times. I’m not flattered.”

Further letting it be known how he feels, he replied “very” to a fan noting that the new trend is wacky.

Most memes are innocent in nature. There are even several TikTok pages dedicated to posting only “Now Look at This” memes, which mostly feature animal videos and other light clips (by internet standards). However, some are a bit more obscene.

On Saturday March 13, Cudi responded to a fan who said he could overeat in the face of the trend. “I don’t think I’m going to do ‘deep’ things by tweeting how I feel,” Cudi posted. “Now, if I declaimed, that’s something else. Nothing bad to say that I don’t approve, and if you’re such a fan you know my lyrics mean the most to me. I am passionate about my shit so idc who has a problem with that.

Cudi isn’t the only rapper to find himself leading a TikTok trend recently. Last month, some users of the app launched an Eminem cancellation campaign after discussing the toxicity of some of his old sayings. The Detroit rapper appeared to respond to last week’s outcry.

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