Kid Cudi lashes out at fans for criticizing his painted nails


Since he entered the game, Kid cudi shamelessly moved to beat his own Hmm. The Ohio rapper recently lashed out at fans for criticizing his painted nails.

On Saturday night (July 17), Cudder posted a selfie to his Instagram account that shows the rapper wearing a Mandalorian helmet and throwing a peace sign. Cudi’s pointer and middle finger are painted with blue and orange nail polish, which apparently struck a chord with some of his followers on IG who expressed their displeasure in the comments section. After seeing the hate, Cudi turned off comments on the photo and took to Twitter to lambast anyone who had something negative to say.

“I turned off my comments on Instagram,” Cudi posted on Twitter. “Looks like people really have a hard time painting my nails. I’m sick of blocking so many accounts. I really need you to understand, if you don’t like me doing this or anything. Either I do, please don’t buy my albums, don’t come to my shows. Fuck away. “

Although it looks like the comments section has gotten pretty tough on IG. Many people in Cudi’s twitter mentions were supportive.

“I started doing mine at the start of this year, and let me tell you fuck you lol,” a man replied to Cudi’s message.

“I painted mine because of you man!” another person added.

Some were more critical of Cudi’s choice. “Stop being emotional. Activate your account and stand up for your truth,” someone else tweeted.

Breaking with generalized conformism is nothing new for Cudi. In April, he wore a dress playing on Saturday Night Live in homage to Kurt Cobain. Cudi has also received criticism for this fashion choice. He was not disturbed.

“Virgil designed the dress for me,” Cudi explained on Twitter after the performance. “I told her I wanted to show my love in the Kurt wa floral print summer dress and this man made a masterpiece. Thanks @virgilablohur fucking genius !! I love you man we did it !!! “

Cudi isn’t the only male rapper to have recently embraced nail art. small pump received a backlash after posting several videos featuring a full set of painted nail enhancements. After being seen wearing nail polish several times, Lil Yachty announced that he launched its own line of all kinds of nail polish, Crete, in May.

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