Kodak Black goes to YoungBoy to never crack the jack on a new song again


Kodak Black‘s new album features a song with bars that tackle its beef with YoungBoy never broke again

Yak published his new project, Haitian boy Kodak, today (May 14). On the song “Dirty K”, the South Florida rhymer briefly sums up his bitter relationship with NBA YoungBoy.

“My little brother YoungBoy told me he was looking at me / I don’t know why but he feels like it’s fucking me now / About to call him, try to see what this whole fight is,” spit Kodak.

Kodak and NBA YoungBoy had a friendly relationship prior to 2020, even appearing together on tracks like “Water” and “Chosen One” in 2017. In April 2020, while Kodak was locked up on federal gun charges, he accused YoungBoy of cooperating with the police after YoungBoy’s girlfriend, Iyana Mayweather, was arrested for stabbing at the Louisiana rapper’s home in Houston.

YoungBoy then hit back on social media. “I never paid any attention to any nigga,” YoungBoy replied. “Mostly, no fuckin ‘cell, nigga. What the fuck nigga watching me? he said dryly. “So what the nigga say? A nigga say I cooperated. ‘What the fuck you stupid bitch about?’ About my wife? “

Kodak has continued to insist on the situation. The next day he called YoungBoy his son. Project Baby later addressed the situation on a call to prison. “I’ll keep posting mate,” Kodak said in the audio. “I’m gonna keep chasing nigga, in your nigga voice. And make you do something boy, stop playing with me boy, for a real boy. Talking about sucking a dick, talking about sucking a dick while playing with a real one like you don’t play with any man like that. Talk about sucking a dick, mate. “

The taunts didn’t stop there. Later this month, Kodak’s Sniper Gang clothing made of toilet paper with “NBA” printed on it.

Now that YoungBoy himself is locked up and has his social media accounts disabled, it’s unlikely we’ll hear a response from him anytime soon.

Discover wild rap bullocks that will likely never be solved

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