Kodak Black responds to people calling it a clone


Kodak Black had it with all the clone talk.

Since returning from prison last month, after have his conviction communicated by former President Trump, Kodak looks noticeably different, likely due to diet in prison and training during the lockdown. Yet some people were quick to throw the clone conspiracy theory as the reason for Kodak’s new look. On Saturday night (February 27), the South Florida rapper finally took to speculation about the clone on Instagram Live. “All this little cloning shit is starting to drive me crazy now,” he replied to one person in his comments, saying his voice didn’t sound like the real Kodak.

He continued, “Back then, all my other little offers, every time that little cloning shit came out, I didn’t really trip over it. But now you’re all blowing me now. How the hell? It can’t be. no other … and then … they can’t duplicate that shit. All niggas try to imitate that shit, but they can’t duplicate that shit. These fuckin ‘niggas don’t see Yak. They know that, that’s why they were mad i came home. All these niggas was scared, scared i was coming home. These niggas was trying to get all the money. Do that shit. I don’t care. damn you niggas, man Know what I’m saying.

As he said, this is not the first time that speculation about Kodak clones has arisen. Back in July 2019, The Project Baby was at the center of clone rumors when he posted a jail photo on his Instagram page, which caused fans to point out small differences between the new photo and the old photos, and ultimately rationally conclude that Kodak was replaced by a clone in jail.

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