Lakeyah lists his top five favorite hip-hop albums


Every music lover has a list of their top five favorite albums of all time. Many times these projects bring back fond memories. On the other hand, fans might have gone through a rough time when an album came out and the music got them through that time in their lives. Then there’s this project which just has eternal bops. For rappers, it’s no different. Before they were artists, they were hip-hop fans. 2021 XXL First-year student Lakeyah can attest to this. Down in Atlanta while filming the Freshman cover, she shared her top five favorite hip-hop albums that made an impact on her life.

If you have listened to the songs of rapper Quality Control Music, you know that she is proud of spit hard bars. The picks for her top five albums showcase the music she naturally gravitates to. The first on the list of “Female Goat” rappers is Nicki Minaj‘s Pink friday. “I’ll definitely start with Nicki’s Pink Friday,she says. “It’s iconic.”

Lakeyah goes to n ° 2 with Duck‘s Take care. “I’ll tell Drake, Take care. Like, it’s just timeless music, ”says the Milwaukee native. “I love timeless music. No shit, it’s gonna be there someday and they worry about what’s gonna happen tomorrow, you know?

She then moves on to her third favorite album. “Three, I’ll say little baby, My turn, she says. “You already know that there were hits there. ” Grizzley T-shirt is also on his list of favorite albums. “My fourth favorite hip-hop album is Tee Grizzley, My moment», Confirms Lakeyah. “He broke down throughout the affair. There are no jumps for me. I love it.”

Finally, the rapper “Big FlexHer” names her fifth favorite album. “My fifth favorite album is definitely Trina, The meanest bitch», Reveals Lakeyah. “I grew up with Nicki and Trina, you know? I don’t really have a lot of female rappers and Trina is definitely the meanest, forever.

Familiarize yourself with Lakeyah’s top five favorite hip-hop albums below.

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