Lakeyah names his top five favorite rappers


More often than not, there’s usually another artist who inspired a rapper before he blew up. Whether it’s because of a rap stream or a drop, it’s only fair that they pay homage to those who came before them in the game. That’s exactly what 2021 XXL First-year student Lakeyah done by talking about his top five favorite rappers.

Lakeyah is best known for being a rapper and being proud of her pun. So it’s no surprise that first on his list is the multi-platinum rapper. Nicki Minaj. Lakeyah admits that she is part of the famous MC’s loyal fan base. “Nicki Minaj, I’m a Barb, like, that’s right, you already know I was gonna say that,” he said. native of Milwaukee. “She’s the GOAT”

The Quality Control Music signer is a big fan of rappers who also use metaphors. She has them everywhere on her tracks. As you can guess, Lil wayne is also in Lakeyah’s top five. “I’m definitely going to say Wayne because he’s the God of metaphor,” she explains. “This man was studying the dictionary. He knows a lot. She then names Duck like another of his favorite rappers. The Big 3 are all on his list. “And, I had to put it in there because they’re part of the Dream Team,” she says.

His top five favorite rappers wouldn’t be complete without including the rap star DMV Wales to her. She favors her rap style and substance. “I really, really like, I like poetic rappers,” confirms Lakeyah. “It’s the right one. I love Wale.

Lakeyah then adds Grizzley T-shirt to finish his best choices. “But, [No.] 5, my favorite Detroit rapper is Tee Grizzley, ”she says. “Scream Tee Grizzley, I hope I have a song with you. You know I fuck with you. I’m from Milwaukee, so yes.

Watch Lakeyah give an overview of his top five rappers below.

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