Lakeyah’s goal is to get to Hollywood on her ABC


Lakeyah is very proud of her rhymes and being a certified spitter. the 2021 XXL First-year student made its way from Milwaukee Wisc. in Atlanta with aspirations of become a successful rapper. Through hard work, long studio sessions and persistence, she made her vision a reality. Now she’s a Quality Control Records artist. The 20-year-old rhymer, known for songs like “Big FlexHer”, presents her ambitions and motivation to run after paper to succeed in her version of XXL‘s ABC.

The uncontrollable energy and confidence of the Midwest ™ shines through every letter of the alphabet. Lakeyah chooses an appropriate word for B. “B is for bossy because that’s what I think my music is,” she says. “It’s like I have money, I have my own bag, I don’t need anyone.” Big Key doesn’t gamble with his money. “C stands for cash. You know, I need my money in all the blues, ASAP, ”she says.

If you’ve listened to Lakeyah’s music, she’s about the Benjamins and serves bragging bars on songs like “Female Goat” featuring the City girls, “Big FlexHer” with 42 Dugg, “Poppin” with Gucci Mane and more recently, “Young and Ratchet”.

With big goals in mind, Lakeyah continues to assert her resolve with the letter D while also sharing her desire to reach the top with the dream of eventually making it to Hollywood. “H stands for Hollywood because that’s where I’ll be,” Lakeyah shares. “We’re in Atlanta now, but it’s next.”

As Lakeyah deepens her ABCs, she pays homage to fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion with the letter O. “O is for exceptional,” Keyah explains. Shout Meg, she said, ‘I’m not staying out because I’m too exceptional. “” As for the letter P, it represents exactly what it does in the industry. “P is for pressure,” she argues. “I am under pressure. I come with the pressure. I have the pressure.”

Towards the end of the video, viewers will also discover that while Lakeyah does deliver some hardcore lyrics in her music, she is also a hopeless romantic.

Get to know Lakeyah and find out more about her in XXL‘s ABC.

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