Lil Baby Clowns For Billboard Music Awards Promotional Post


Lil baby stepped away from her authentic Atlanta accent for a recent promotional post and social media have a field day.

Last night (May 23), Baby shared a little promo on the Billboard Music Awards“ Instagram story where he informs fans that he will be presenting the Top Hot 100 song award, which was sponsored by Rockstar Energy Drink. The rapper also shared the clip for his IG story.

In short: 10 second video, 4 Pockets Full Inc. CEO says, “What’s up? It’s Lil Baby here. Log on to the Billboard Music Awards to see me present the Top Hot 100 song award featured by Rockstar Energy. See you there. “

Shortly after the Lil Baby promo went live, people on social media began to criticize the rhymer’s voice in the clip.

Several people have compared the “On Me” artist to a Disney Channel actor. The network is known for its childhood actors.

One tweet in particular read, “Wassup, it’s Lil Baby here and you’re watching Disney Channel!”

Another person wrote: “It’s definitely” It’s Lil Baby, and you are now watching Disney Channel “LMAOOOOO.”

The prize winner Lil Baby presented yesterday was The weekend for his hit “Blinding Lights”.

Aside from the fact that Baby’s promotional video was a topic of discussion last night, DaBabyvictory for Top Rap Song. The ball was definitely dropped by someone backstage at the live event, because instead of playing the North Carolina rapper’s “Rockstar”, he starred Roddy Ricch, Post Malonesong from with the same title, featuring 21 Wild, was played when the old 2019 XXL First-year student went on stage to receive his award.

It is not known if DaBaby noticed the musical flub, but he asked twice once he got on stage, “Is that me?”

Nonetheless, DaBaby was kind and grateful for the victory.

See more reactions to Lil Baby’s voice change for his Billboard Awards promotion below.

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