Lil Durk checks that people on stage don’t show up


Lil durk did not feel the lack of reactions during his last concert.

In video footage that began surfacing the internet on Monday, May 17, Lil Durk checks out a group of spectators who appeared on stage while the 28-year-old rhymer was performing. “Crazy story” Durk’s Only The Family compilation track featuring King Von. In the 52-second clip, Durk asks the massive crowd behind him to step back after showing a lack of excitement as he performs.

“Wait, wait,” Durkio began. “I need everyone to back up because you don’t even spin your ass. Aye, you all hear me, yes I need everyone to back up because you are dry and you are me. make it look dry. I need you all dry asses in the back. “

After calling people to the stage, Durk continues to showcase his rap skills, but the crowd behind him remains dull. “Got a drop on that flexin nigga, him from Tennessee (what?) / I had a thot that she was with shit she told me where he was (where is he?),” Rappe it for the hype crowd.

With tours are starting to take off, Lil Durk pounded the sidewalk. But his efforts to return there met with some difficulties. In April, a Durk concert in Phoenix, Arizona at the Celebrity Theater ended abruptly after spectators would have heard gunshots forcing the crowd to try to rush to safety. No one was admitted to the hospital for the gunshots, but some bystanders reported injuries due to the lack of security measures at the facility.

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